Remote Rewards – The benefits of remote working policies

A Virtual Office allows small and medium businesses to benefit from all of the advantages of a prestigious address, landline phone numbers and team support without needing to commit to a dedicated office space.

Business calls for flexible work hours and a virtual office creates the opportunity for people to work from a variety of locations, shifting this location as necessary.

Virtual offices save businesses money by eliminating costly rent on large office buildings. Many people use a virtual office set-up nowadays as a short-term solution to finding a regular, traditional office set-up. However this short-term band-aid option is turning into a long-term solution, with more and more businesses using virtual office spaces.

Servcorp Virtual Offices are cutting edge and market leading. Servcorp created the Virtual Office over thirty years ago, so they know what it takes to produce a market leading space that ensure business success.

The Servcorp network of Virtual Offices makes use of over 155 locations in 54 cities to create an authentic network of offices around the world for clients to have access to for a few hours a day or much longer should their circumstances dictate such.

A Virtual Office minimizes office expenses and this is one of its major benefits. You aren’t compromising on the traditional high cost office, you are simply restructuring your infrastructure to cater to the modern business world.

Professionals can work from home, suburban offices or their clients offices and still have the reputation that a prestigious inner city centre address can bring.

For the small or medium business, location is key. Research shows that customers want to know where the business they are doing business with is based. A personal email or home address is simply unacceptable in the competitive modern business world that we currently live in. An address at one of Servcorp’s many locations will catapult your business from amateur to professional in no time.

Your work deserves the best and just because you are a fledgling business, does not mean that you aren’t worthy of infrastructure and support. A prestigious Virtual Office brings with it an address, phone number, IT support and a global network of amazing workspaces. This is a tremendous asset for any small to medium business looking to break into the business market at the moment. These workspaces offer a solution that enables such businesses to compete with well established and lucrative companies on a more even playing field.

The Virtual Office also gives employees access to worldwide talent. With video-conferencing technology, you have the ability to turn your business from a single-city company into a multi-national in no time. Fewer overheads mean you can potentially hire more staff and in this digital age, your staff can be from all corners of the globe. This ensures that you have the potential to hire the most component people for the job and have them working as efficiently and as effectively as they would be if they were in your bricks and mortar office space in town.

Productivity in the Virtual Office system increases enormously. Instead of having to shadow your staff and monitor when they are arriving and leaving work, you will set goals for your employees to complete. When they complete these goals is up to them. Some people are better working in the morning, some in the evening. The Virtual Office creates a setting where employees can work remotely to not only decrease overall turnover, but also increase productivity. This is a true win-win for any business.

Remote workspaces are the future of global business. Not only are these workspaces an inexpensive way to run your business compared to the traditional office set-up, but they provide you with greater flexibility in terms of your workforce composition and business location.

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