When Should You Consider Getting A Dedicated Server?

The dedicated server is practically a remote server that is just used by a single organization, application, or individual. To put it as simple as possible, you do not share resources with another application or organization, which is the case with the VPS or the shared hosting package.

The performance you notice with VPS or shared servers is lower than with the dedicated server. The same thing can be said about the security that is offered and about many important things for businesses.

Usually, the dedicated server is rented and is maintained by the service provider. You do not have to worry about server management. It is the job of the provider to maintain, manage, and customize the server. You get remote access so that you can make your own modification but the physical part of the operation is handled by someone else.

When Should You Buy The Dedicated Server?

Simply put, dedicated server Canada is an option you absolutely need to consider in these situations:

  • High Privacy Level

You are physically separated from the server and you automatically gain a high privacy level. When you have to use the server to store confidential data or to run applications that store personal and billing information for users, privacy is a mandatory element that has to be considered.

The VPS option is secure and allows you to install security software. However, when there is another user on the server that does a mistake and leaves a security door open, a breach, your site also becomes easy to access. The dedicated server simply guarantees full control and you can do all that is needed in order to prevent security breaches.

  • Configuration Flexibility

There are no compromises that are needed when you think about what configuration the dedicated server needs to have. Since there are no other users that share server resources, you control the setup, the operating system, the actual hardware, applications, data storage, and everything else.

  • Being Isolated From Other Users

The dedicated server hosting option has obviously increased privacy and you automatically gain from the fact that you are not impacted by the actions of other users. With the VPS, as an example, when there is a user that faces a site traffic surge, the performance of your hosting environment is affected. There are VPS hosting platforms on which a site borrows resources from other sites when maxing out on resources. This increases functionality for the server but reduces performance for your site.

  • Predictable And Stable High Performance

When the website has to deal with high traffic levels, it is the dedicated server that offers the highest possible performance. Your services are completely isolated and the level of performance is always higher than the VPS in terms of hardware. For instance, the VPS servers usually start at around 2 GB of RAM. Dedicated servers usually have a minimum configuration of 4GB. Similar differences can be seen with practically everything that is present in terms of hardware that is used by the servers you can put your hands on.

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